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Welcome to our new house – before!

31 Jul


This is a picture of the house on the day our offer was accepted.  We were beyond excited!  We both knew the house needed a lot of cosmetic work but the bones were good (after our home inspector confirmed – fun fact, the more home inspections you pay for the bigger the discount on the next one!). My husband asked politely if we could keep the `party lights` (aka what Christmas lights turn into after December) but I was happy to have them pulled down when we obtained possession.   You will also be surprised to know there is a full row of windows underneath of the bay window!  Needless to say there was a lot of weed pulling (thanks to my stepmom – she`s amazing!) and I`ll post `after` outside pics later.

Now, to begin a tour of the inside….

As you enter in the front door, you can already see things look a little rough inside.  To the left is an over view of the entrance (it`s a back split bungalow so there are 6 steps up and down) and on the right hand side is a picture of the stairs.  I didn`t include a picture of the stairs going down… just think yellow stained carpet over top of the same stairs!

Now I know some of you reading this would probably have already turned and run out the door and trust me, I know how you felt!  I had a few panic moments, we had lived in an apartment for 4 years previous – moving into a house is a big deal let alone turning it upside down while trying to live there.  My husband is a true DIY`er and he`s definitely where I get some of my DIY spirit from.  We would learn how to do it all (I am so thankful for wonderful family, friends and YouTube!) and we would do it together – it didn`t matter how long it took us – it would be our great adventure!

Back to the tour…

Once you walk up the stairs there is a hallway to your right leading to the 3 bedrooms and bathroom.  On your left is the upstairs living room and you curl around a corner into the dining room.  If you go straight you would walk straight into the kitchen.

Living room, looking from the dining room

Dining room (standing in living room, kitchen on right)

Top of the stairs, looking towards bedrooms

Oh – you noticed the random brick wall in the living room?  There had been a wood burning stove in there at some point but now it was just a random brick wall with a hole in it!  Looking through the dining room the brown door there leads out to the back deck – that we can`t walk on.  The deck is rotted through so that`s on our longer term list 🙂

That is where I`ll end the tour for now, I think some of the other rooms (kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms) all deserve their own posts!  Get ready for some fun!