The kitchen – before!

2 Aug

Ah yes.. the kitchen!  One word to describe the kitchen?  Scary.

The kitchen was mostly original to the house (late 1950`s) but hadn`t been maintained.  The cupboard doors had been taken off (?), the cupboards were mismatched and the layout was strange.  I also found the positioning of the sink to be weird.  I`ve always thought that sinks should be in front of a window whenever possible – if you have to stand there you might as well have something to look at!  One thing that we noticed that worried us a little was that the cabinets did not go up to the ceiling and over the window was a decorative piece that tended to be used to hide bulkheads.  This would put a kink in our plans – I love cabinets to the ceiling (and hey, who can`t use the extra storage!) and luckily after some further research there were not any bulkheads, it was just for `decor`.  Yes!!

As you may have noticed from the first post and this one, the living space isn`t huge.  This isn`t a big deal as it`s just my husband and myself but from the moment I walked into the house I knew these kitchen walls were just going to have to go!  My husband may have created a monster by educating me on what all can be changed in a house.  When we were looking at other houses I can`t tell you how many times the words `well, we can just take this wall out` came out of my mouth, followed by a smile from my husband.  He knew he`d created a monster!  🙂  I *love* open concept layouts and with a smaller space to work with, this would be the best way for us to maximize the layout!  I couldn`t wait to start taking them down…

A quick tease – I really can`t wait to show you the `after` pictures of the kitchen.  It is gorgeous and as I post the pictures below it`s hard to believe that was what we started with!  Keep reading 🙂

View from the top of the stairs

View from the dining room

In the kitchen, looking towards the top of the stairs



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