Intermission – DIY Project

8 Aug

I couldn’t wait to post this 🙂

I had already created this in 3 separate frames ($1 each from Walmart) but I just didn’t like the look of it.  I had seen a picture on Pinterest (my addiction!) that had the maps in a frame like the one in the picture below.  I had bought this frame from the dollar store a few years ago and it was actually in my pile to get donated.  My girlfriend pointed out that it would be perfect to put this into and she was right!  I love this concept… and it was super economical!

Original 3 frames purchased for project (Walmart $3)
“Old” frame (Dollarama $2)
Map (Walmart $5) & I already had the other map I needed (free-ish!)

I didn’t have a cut out for the heart so I found a picture online of a heart that I thought the size would work, traced it onto a piece of paper and made a template from there.  I found the locations on the map for where we met, where we married and where we live and wrote “we met”, “we married” and “we live” under each heart map.  It was a super easy project and very economical!  Don’t forget to look for old frames you can reuse, thrift shop or check out some yard sales!


we met. we married. we live.


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