Back to the before tour – last one before the reveals!

23 Aug

Eeeeee!!  I’m super excited – not for these bedrooms because they’re, well, interesting to say the least but we’re only one post away from starting the reveals!

The bedrooms – where to begin?

We’ll start with what we call bedroom #3 or the blue room.

Welcome! This room was certainly something else. From the crazy blue colour to the stick tile floor it certainly needed some work. Hubby and I were a little disappointed when we saw the floor in here – the rest of the house was hardwood (in really rough shape but that could be fixed) but this room was stick tiled. Who knew what we would find underneath!

Oh how could I forget to mention the clouds?! They were a fan favourite 🙂

And one last view – decent sized closet but no door! Good news though – hardwood floors peeking out of the closets 🙂

Welcome now to room #2 or as it was affectionately called the pink room. Our family joked that we should leave the paint colours for these two rooms and when we started a family whether we had a girl or boy we would have the perfect room ready! This picture helps demonstrate what rough shape the floors were in – they definitely needed some TLC!

Here’s a quick snapshot of the pink room’s closet – it’s a decent size as well but that door was going to have to go!

Yes, this is how we bought the house – pre renos! This ladies and gentlemen is our master bedroom! It looked like the previous owner had tried to take the wall out to accommodate a larger closet – you can tell by looking at the floor on the closet it must have been two small doors leading into this huge space inside. We had to give thanks – they’d already done some of the work for us 🙂 All that was left was to take the rest of the drywall down, frame it up to fit our new closet doors and it would be done! This room was the same story as the previous, you can see the floor was pretty tough & the old style door!

This is a pic of the window in the master bedroom – nice and big! Finding curtains might be a challenge – grrr custom sizes!

Before I go I thought I’d share this funny picture with you. This was taken in the doorway of one of the bedrooms. It looked like the previous owner had tried to refinish the hardwoods in the living room/dining room and hallways and had simply closed the doors in each room so you couldn’t tell they didn’t match! The strange things people do….


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