Busy busy!

23 Aug

I have been neglecting my blog – apologies!  Can anyone else believe summer is almost over?!  I’ve been crazy busy – just returned to work after being off for a couple months, wedding season, birthdays, and my best friend had a baby!!

What do you do when someone close to you has a babe?  Well, for hubby & I – we cook!  We haven’t been blessed with a little one yet but I’ve been around enough little ones to know that feeding yourself is probably the last thing on your mind.  To make sure mommy & daddy stay healthy for little one, hubby and I got busy one Sunday afternoon making lovely slow cooker meals!

A quick google search will provide you with a multitude of frozen slow cooker recipes – these are my favourite type to give to new mom’s & dad’s because for the most part all they have to do is throw it in a pot and let it cook.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Here’s what we did – oh!  And you’ll get a sneak peek of our kitchen shhhh! 🙂

First things first – after you’ve chosen your recipes the most important thing is the fresh wonderful veggies and meats! Here’s our spread before. We made chili, minestrone soup, chicken noodle soup, vegetable beef soup and beef stew. Now to get going!

A VERY important step – make sure you write on your bags before filling them. I wrote what it was, the date we made it and instructions for how to cook. I used the large sized Ziploc freezer bags. After spending a couple hours chopping veggies, cooking meats and mixing everything together we were finally ready to package them and put them in the freezer.

And DONE! Once I had placed the food in the appropriate bags I squished them flat so they would lie in the freezer easily and not take up too much room. We popped over last night to see the new babe (he’s SO adorable!) and his mom and brought over these along with dinner for that evening. It was such a good visit and I hope this food will help make their next few days a little easier so they don’t have to worry about eating – or eating healthy! Congrats M&T, sending so much love to you from the hubby & me ❤




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