Next reveal… the bathroom!!

27 Aug

I go back and forth for which is my favourite update – the kitchen or the bathroom.  They are two rooms that I am completely in love with ❤

If you remember the “before” post of the bathroom, this room needed a bit of love. While the bathroom wasn’t big enough for the jacuzzi whirlpool tub I had drooled over (hello unfinished bungalow basement!) I was very excited about the possibility of the double sink vanity.  Here’s a quick rundown of what we updated.

  • You will often hear when people begin renos that they uncover some surprises.  This was no different.  While taking out the subway tile (yes, in my original post we had talked about keeping it but it ended up being torn out because of the tub) we uncovered a small bomb shelter.  From ceiling to floor all the way around the bathroom was a minimum of 2″ of concrete… I think hubby’s friends are still cursing him for having to remove this!
  • Once the walls and concrete was removed, we added insulation (there was none in there previously!) all the way around.
  • The bathroom light switch was located directly beside the shower which made me more than a little nervous so I was hoping to move it but due to where the beams were in the wall we were left with either leaving it there or moving it to the outside of the bathroom…. so it’s on the outside.
  • The vanity – *long sigh here*.  The house was built in the late 1950’s so the dimensions for the vanity back then was much different than standards today.  We were able to have a vanity that was max 69″ long and max 19″ wide.  The length wasn’t our problem, it was the width.  Standard today for vanities is 21-22″.  We spoke with more companies than I care to remember, drove all over the place checking out different stores and were finally left with the option from of “why don’t you saw the back of the vanity off”?  Needless to say we were almost ready to give up.  I finally found a company from BC that had gorgeous vanities that were actually 19″ wide!!  I thought it was too good to be true, but then also thought about the million dollars it was going to cost to ship it from BC to ON.  Luckily, the vanity ended up being delayed by a few weeks (why is this lucky you’re asking?) so they ended up refunding our shipping costs – yay!!
  • Hubby & his brother tiled in the tub enclosure and tiled the bathroom floor (it looks beautiful!!).
  • Oh and not to be forgotten, we were walking around Home Depot one day and found an awesome deep soaker tub sitting on the floor with a ridiculously cheap clearance price on it.  We ran to find an associate and they informed us that someone had returned that tub to them and they didn’t carry the tub at that store so they needed to get rid of it – SCORE!!

Our bathroom before….

Our bathroom after!

Shower before…

Still a few tweaks needed (caulking around the tub, cover for the curtain rod, recessing the shower head in the wall) but already much, much better than before!


2 Responses to “Next reveal… the bathroom!!”

  1. Meghan August 30, 2012 at 12:21 pm #

    Love the before & after!!!

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