The first frozen food review!

29 Aug

As promised, here is the first review from our frozen dinner extravaganza!  We forgot to take something out of the freezer this morning to thaw (oops!) but luckily the baked cheesy chicken penne doesn’t require thawing before cooking!  Hubby has baseball tonight so we couldn’t really wait 4 hours for a slow cooker meal either 🙂

I made a couple of tweaks to the recipe.  I have a confession to make – I am a recovering picky eater.  You will notice that in some of the recipes I switch out ingredients because I’m still learning to love some of them!  Mushrooms and dried tomatoes are still on my learn to love list so I subbed those out for red peppers (NomNomNom!). Other than that I followed the recipe to the T – except I froze both portions instead of eating one and freezing one.

This is going to be interesting…

I pulled the Baked Cheesy Chicken Penne out of the freezer and realized I made my first big mistake…  It’s really hard to fit a large Ziploc freezer bag pull of food into a baking dish when it’s frozen solid.   Yikes – I let it sit out for a couple minutes and then I hit it against the countertop a couple times and got it all into the baking dish.  Next time I will put the food in the Ziploc bag and into the baking dish, freeze it and remove the baking dish from the freezer – perfect fit!  Mistake #2 – make sure you butter the pan before you put the food in the baking dish – it will stick 🙂  You know, for our first big go at this I think only two mistakes is pretty good!!  And hey, it’s helping everyone else avoid making them!


Now for the flavour, next time I think I’ll experiment with not cooking the chicken and pasta until actually baking it.  Even though we only cooked the pasta to al dente it was still a little mushier than I would have liked.  The chicken was a bit dry as well – which I’m sure cooking it previously and then freezing and baking it for an hour and a half will do that to chicken!   I am a HUGE garlic fiend so I would have added a bit more garlic and a touch of pepper.

Overall the taste was pretty good and hubby was impressed!  We give this dish 3 1/2 stars out of 5!  With those tweaks I’m sure we can make it a 5 next time!

Topped with some cheddar cheese & parmesan… nomnomnom!


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