Reveal – cozy master bedroom!

14 Sep

You might remember the before pictures of the master bedroom – scary!  The half ripped down walls, signature terrible floors and certainly lots of work to be done to make it the blissful place that a master bedroom should be!

I would like to say that this is only the beginning – next on my project list for the master bedroom is a homemade fabric headboard and wispy beautiful white curtains hanging from the ceiling like a four poster bed…  And of course – more pillows!! 🙂

I’ll put a call out there too – I just got a sewing machine and will slowly be learning how to sew.  One of my first projects will be curtains for the windows.  Take a look at them – what do you think I should do?  Tall, short, patterned, solid?!  Curtains are my LEAST favourite part of decor – for some reason I can never find anything I like!!

Here’s the reveal…. but before we can reveal we must revisit where we came from 🙂  Enjoy!

Remember the lovely closet before?

And the window before….

Perfect for a snuggle! I’m sad the picture didn’t turn out with the lamps… I’ll have to take another picture of the lamps (an amazing find on Kijiji!) and the sticks!

My gorgeous new closet! Oops – we’re missing a piece of molding above the door 🙂

Annnnd what I need your help with! What should I do with this window for a covering?! Right now we have a blackout shade out of pure necessity. Help!


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