Review – Chicken & Rice Soup

16 Sep

I am an avid Martha Stewart fan.  When I recently found a listing of freezer friendly foods  on the Martha Stewart website I knew these must be golden.  I made a bunch of the recipes on the freezer friendly foods list mentioned and the Chicken and Rice Soup is the first one that we have tried.  As usual I will tell you what changes we made:

  • Instead of using a whole chicken I used chicken breasts (I do not like dark meat)
  • I also thought it was very strange that you were supposed to throw away the onions & celery after simmering for an hour.  It was VERY hard to pick them out – I ended up leaving a bunch of them in.

Here it is – looking promising! Simmering during the first hour.

Recipe calls to pick out all the carrots so we can get rid of the other solids – those solids I call veggies and a waste to throw them out!

And what did we think?

ICK!  To begin with, after you add the rice in it soaks up most of the liquid.  It mentions in the tips section to add water to thin if necessary – seriously!  I had to add a couple cups – I actually added chicken stock instead of water because I thought the water would dilute it.  It turns out that even with adding chicken stock to help add liquid it still tasted like – nothing.  It was a mushy soup that tasted like nothing.  Both hubby and I were dumping loads of pepper into our bowls to try and give it some sort of flavour.  The rice along with the shredded chicken made the texture taste like mush.

Here`s what it looked like when I thawed it and placed in the pot – as you can see, not much liquid!

Added some chicken stock and reheated and here it is – ready to eat! It looks good – but sometimes looks are deceiving!

Overall this was the worst recipe we have tested so far.  I do not recommend as is!  We are giving this only 1 star out of 5.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to rescue this recipe – or have a fabulous chicken soup recipe?  I would like to stock up on a good recipe – perfect for fall & winter!


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