Pinterest project!

19 Sep

I have to admit – I love Pinterest.  I can get lost for literally hours going through all of the amazing things on there – where has it been all my life?!   I am growing my “dream house” folder and “next projects” and can’t wait to begin!  I wanted to share a project with you here that I started after seeing a pin posted from a blog here.  I absolutely love the idea of having pictures of family & friends all around your house – but in an organized fashion.  This allows me to display a bunch of beautiful photos in an organized yet a bit chaotic way!

I received the photo frame in the middle and decided to build everything out around it.  Hubby & I received this as a gift from my dad & stepmom and since moving I’ve been looking for the perfect place for it!  After being inspired from the post I visited my local dollar store and picked up three different types of black frames.  From there I picked out a few of my favourite family photos, printed them in black and white and laid it all out on my kitchen island.  I had seen on Pinterest that  people were suggesting that you use wax paper to lie everything out and then tape it to the wall so it lies out perfectly – but once I get excited about a project I’m not that patient!

While the frames were lying on the island I got the general idea for how I saw the frame lying out together and then I hung the middle photo frame first.  I then started placing the frames on the wall using the outside frames to guide where they would lie – I measured to make sure that the frames were all 1 inch away from the middle frame and the rest was eyeballing it!  If you’re not good at eyeballing frames I would definitely suggest using the wax paper method mentioned above.   I’ve gotten tons of compliments on the piece and I am super excited!  With buying the frames from the dollar store and printing out all the photos it ended up costing me about $25 total – even better!

So – what do you think of my new living room feature?  As our family grows, so will our living room wall!


One Response to “Pinterest project!”

  1. arzea September 19, 2012 at 9:49 pm #

    I love this! I bought a ton of frames on my last trip to ikea and my gallery wall is a project on the back burner right now. So much to do, so little time!

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