The big reveal – my dream kitchen!

24 Sep

This is my most favourite reveal to date…

As you may have noticed, I love to cook & bake.  I have never had a proper kitchen to be able to do so in before so this was a room I wanted to take extra special care in planning.  The kitchens while I was in university consisted of a single counter which also housed a double sink, dish drying rack and microwave which meant there wasn’t any counter space.  Once hubby & I finished university (we met while I was in my third year – we were roomates, moved in through mutual friends but that’s another story!) and moved closer to a bigger city and into a small one bedroom apartment.  The apartment wasn’t fancy – it was an older building and the kitchen had even less counter space!  While we were living there I started baking cakes (fancy fondant cakes) and let me tell you, rolling out huge sheets of fondant on a tiny surface is not fun! 🙂

When we stepped into the kitchen of the house we just bought my stomach jumped.  Let’s face it – whenever you have people over, they inevitably end up in the kitchen, was I ready to have people in my kitchen?  Hubby at that moment walked up beside and smiled and told me to picture the kitchens in the magazines.  It might take a while but we would do it!  Once our offer was accepted on the house there began the million (maybe two million) trips to Sears Liquidation Centre, Sears Outlet Centres, Home Depots, Ronas, Lowes – you name it we were there!  I knew I wanted stainless steel appliances but how could I make them fit within our budget?  Helllllllllo Sear Liquidation Centre!  Essentially it’s a scratch and dent place but it’s first come first serve which means you need to go there every weekend (and we did – for a couple months!) to find exactly what you want.  For example, I had fallen in love with a Samsung fridge (which was wayyyyy out of our budget) but one faithful day we walked in and there it was at 70% off the regular price.  I stood in front of the fridge to guard it as Jeff ran to find an associate!   Signed, sealed, delivered it was ours ❤  That is essentially the same story for every piece in our kitchen (well, our house!).  We searched and searched to find the absolute best price on everything – took a lot longer but it allowed us to do more and of course doing almost all of the work in the house (the only thing I wouldn’t let Hubby do was hang the kitchen cupboards – plaster walls, I was a little nervous!) took longer but really stretched those dollars!

If you’re been reading my blog, you must remember our kitchen before’s.  Yes – it’s scary.   Here’s a run down of what we did to turn it into my favourite space:

  • Opened the space up – goodbye walls
  • Moved the sink to underneath the window – who wants to stare at a wall when washing dishes?
  • Replaced the cupboards
  • Added a quartz counter top (I wish I could capture this in a picture better – it has pieces of glass throughout it so it sparkles when the light hits it)
  • Did a marble floor (we caught a lot of flack over this – it’s a high maintenance floor but once I saw it I couldn’t imagine anything else in this space – it is so beautiful)
  • Added a back splash
  • The facet is touch activated – a must for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen!  No more guck all over the facet!
  • New kitchen light – and missing is the 3 hanging lights over the island (to come soon!)
  • Added a giant island – critical for my cakes, and we added a few stools so it doubles as a cool little breakfast nook!

Before I refresh your memory as to what we started with and our dream kitchen I’d like to send a quick note out to our friends and family.  Thank you all for your help, time, conversations and keeping us sane throughout all of this.  Buying a house and doing all of these renos at once was certainly a feat that we couldn’t have done without the love from all of you.  We are so grateful to have amazing people like you in our lives.  Don’t worry – we’re going to take a break before we tackle the basement 😉


This was looking into the kitchen from the top of the stairs

This was looking into the kitchen from the dining room

Looking out of the kitchen towards the stairs.

And drum roll please…..

Sigh – isn’t it beautiful? That island is PERFECT for rolling out fondant!

The kitchen overlooks the dining room – which is great because I love entertaining!



3 Responses to “The big reveal – my dream kitchen!”

  1. Roxanne September 24, 2012 at 11:17 pm #

    It was worth the wait…it’s beautiful, Ashley!

    If I ever manage to move out on my own, are you two for hire?!

    Great job!

  2. Molly September 25, 2012 at 12:44 pm #

    INCREDIBLE!!!! WOW! Jaw-dropping!

  3. arzea September 26, 2012 at 9:08 am #

    WOWOWOWOWOW!!!! This looks awesome!!!

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