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Review – Sausage and Spinach Bake

5 Sep

I have to tell you – while this was cooking up in the oven it made the whole house smell wonderful!  Hubby came in from the gym and was drooling all the way up the stairs to the kitchen 🙂
I made a few adjustments to the recipe (as I usually do!).  To begin, I am totally not a girl who eats pork.  I just straight up don’t like the taste or texture, yes foodies that includes bacon!  Trust me, my husband cries a little every morning about that 🙂  I picked up some ground beef and used that in lieu of the sausage.   What else did I do…

  • I added a couple handfuls of chopped peppers – anywhere I can add additional veggies I’ll throw them in!
  • I didn’t cook the pasta before hand.  You may remember from a previous post, I mentioned that the pasta was just too mushy even if you only cook it to al dente before freezing.  Not cooking them before hand made them the perfect consistency!
  • We thawed this overnight in the fridge – it doesn’t mention doing this in the recipe but I find it’s easier to manage.
  • I used low fat plain cream cheese instead of the chive-and-onion cream cheese for one reason – fancy cream cheese hits the bottom line!  While making these big frozen dinners I am all about saving money – I used the low fat plain cream cheese and it still tasted amazing!

While we’re on the topic of amazing – that is exactly what this dish was!  I gave the dish 4.5/5 but hubby says it’s a 5/5, we can’t think of a thing to change to make it better!  It was FULL of flavour and baked up perfectly – I’d say that’s a hit all around!

As an extra special treat I had some leftover tomatoes so I threw together a brushetta (my guilty pleasure right now!).  Here’s how I make it:

  • 1 large tomato, chopped into small pieces
  • 1 clove of garlic minced (or two, depending on how garlic-y you like it… I’m a garlic fiend so I go with two!)
  • 3-4 large basil leaves, chopped into small pieces
  • splash of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) I’d say 1-2 table spoons
  • Optional:  Feta cheese
  • Small french baguette cut into 8 pieces

Take the first 4 ingredients and combine in a bowl (and feta cheese if you choose to add it).  Put the bread on a baking sheet and broil in the oven until it’s a golden glow.  Tip:  I usually have it ready to go and pop it in the oven as soon as I take out the dinner so the oven is already nice and toasty!  Once the bread is a golden brown, take it out and spread the brushetta mixture from the bowl evenly between the pieces of bread.  Enjoy ❤

Ready to toss into the oven!

I’m a little jealous for you that we haven’t invented smell-o-internet yet, my house smelt amazing!!